This forum will no longer be used and a private Facebook group is available for full permit holders to hold discussions instead. Any day permit holders who wish to comment please email us.

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      • Hi Paul,

        At present you cannot buy a ticket on the bank. This is something that we are considering though. So for a Sunday you would have to buy the day ticket the day before at present.

        Keys are able to be purchased with annual permits only. The gate is open to walk through in the day, you would have to park just outside. Hope this helps. Rhys

          • hi christian i live in mountain ash at the moment me and my father are looking for places to fish as we are beginners with just a season or two under our belts, just fishing on the river but we want to start fishing lakes. where would we safely park the car outside the gates and walk in as i have popped up the lake for a look and only seen the car park as you go through the gates.

          • with the lake being a 2 fish limit if you catch 2 within the 1st hour of fishing (optmistic i know) do you have to leave the lake or can you stay and if we catch more can we release them and fish on for the day.

          • Hi Paul just to clarify:
            Once 2 fish have been KILLED fishing for that day must cease. There is also a 6 fish per week limit (Monday-Monday).
            Or like most of our members, fish catch and release. It is entirely up to you. Hope to see you soon! Rhys

    • Hi I’m a new beginner of fly fishing,and I was wondering what time can u start fishing ther?and until?also is the gate open or do I have to get the key as mentioned above?im going to buy a couple of day permits,and if I like it I want to get an annual permit.also I’m a beginner and would like to join some sort of fly fishing club,and my aim at the end is to enter competitions.i live in hirwaun so only up the road from me.thanks dale

    • Hi I would like to buy a couple of day tickets as I’m a beginner,then if I like it then I’ll be getting season tickets,also I would like to join a fishin club to learn,I’m from hirwaun,thanks dale

  1. i have just purchased a season ticket after a few day visit last year and was wondering who i need to contact about a key for the gate many thanks

  2. HI all a great opening day at the res 2day
    lots of fish being caught and lots of happy members
    and day ticket angling may this continue
    lures and buzzers best flies on this day
    the treasurer christian jones

  3. Thanks to Luke Davies for talking me in to joining your club. I fished Saturday afternoon and Sunday morring. I caught a total of seven fish, most of them were two to two and half pound, the biggest being three pound and all good fighting, fin perfect fish. Thanks

  4. Fished today for first time,….surprisingly not easy,…but it fished well opening day and Sunday with catch of 10 + to some anglers?flat calm when arrived!!not a often sight at nant mole!!but by 11.30 the wind picked up.netted 5 fish in 4 hrs,fish seemed to be up in the water,one angler missed two fish on a black hopper dry!..I caught on buzzers under bung and small black tungsten tadpole.excellent fish both I killed were well over 2 lbs ,plus I returned one which was 3 lbs plus.corner by hut seems to still be holding the fish.not a pull in other areas .

  5. Dear members the lock on the gate is broken at moment
    but don’t panic will be sorted very soon
    i’ll be there all wkend to sort it out many thanks the treasurer christian

  6. A hard day at the moel 2day for most people
    as the nice sunshine and cold wind didn’t help matters
    but fair play to one member who had a very good day

  7. Hi members key found in car park 2day if its yours please contact myself,, it was on a keys ring so will ask for a description thanks chris

    • Hi Christian,

      Think the lost key may be mine. Searched the whole house,car and garage looking for it, it is on a keyring which I can describe.

  8. Hi all things have picked back up after a hard wkend last wkend
    with a rod average of 2.3 per person on this wkend,,and that was without me
    fishing so good times,,,best flies was hares ear,buzzers,,and lures
    remember all fishing comp on sunday please all come mr jones

    • yes it was a good weekend i spent the day there on saturday and had 5 and then 1 on sunday when i popped up for an hr or 2 hope my luck continues

      • Glad you had a good wkend butty and hope it continues for you,, please come along and fish the comp on sunday

  9. Had a cracking 1st day at the lake after a slow start to the day, had a chat to christian who gave me a couple of tips to try, which payed dividends i might add caught four tidy size fish. Plus all the guys that i spoke to on the day were friendly, had a well enjoyable day and will be visiting again.

  10. Hi Paul glad you had a great first day at the moel,,and lets hope for plenty more
    thanks you for the kind words about myself and glad i could help you out
    hope 2 see and your old man again soon,,thanks captain

  11. Hi all quick report on fishing comp,,first would like to thank people for turning up cheers really bad weather 2day very strong winds cold and rain not great
    but still people had fish,would like 2 say congratulations to the comp winner
    which was ….christian jones,,I put the money back it into the club

  12. best flies this wkend was black lures and olive but down deep bcos of the weather
    still good rod average of 1.9 per angler best line intermediate

  13. Hi all been a hard wkend at the moel for most people still fish coming out mind,, I didn’t well myself so can’t complain,, best flies has been buzzers under a indicator,, with a rod average of 1.5 per angler! See you all again soon

  14. hi guys
    anyone fish the on sunday 6th april, just wondering what i missed as me and my old man bought a ticket and couldnt use it as my wife was taken ill early hours of sunday the 6th

  15. Hi Paul im sorry 2 hear that,i will have a chat with the board 2night
    and see if they agree 2 let you use the tickets on another date,,but you will have 2 ring me let me know when going up,,hope wife is doing well now,thanks christian

  16. Hi Christian misses not to bad at the moment thanks for asking, only now looking on the forum i would be gratefull if we could use them on a different day.

  17. Hi paul glad she is getting better mate,,I spoke with the rest of the board members
    last night about this,I won’t say the out come on here,,so please either phone myself
    on 07883094434,,or any of the committee members,,thanks christian

  18. just a quick question i was wondering if i could carry 2 rods with me say one set up to a sinker and one set to say a floating line but only use 1 AT A TIME are there any club rules on this and if so what are they many thanks

  19. hi all, im looking to fish nant moel for the first time Friday then possibly buy a season ticket. does anyone know if the army navy shop is open on good Friday for me to buy a day ticket, thanks dale.

  20. Hi all,
    Dry flies are really working well at the moment. Beetle, hopper patterns etc. Buzzer’s also working well under a sight bob. The evenings can be a very productive time! Lost a few this evening but still had great fun, (CDC buzzer’s).

    Can we all make sure our rubbish / old leader spools are put in the bins provided, thanks. Rhys

  21. Dear members a flask was found on the res last monday if its anyone’s
    please contact myself thank you,,also people are not locking the gate tidy
    not putting lock on the chain putting it on sliding bar please don’t do this
    the water board can’t get in thanks again chris

    • Chris the net belongs to Daniel Rees (new member) where can he get it from? I can give you his number if you like

  22. Dear members,for the people who don’t know
    we as committee have put a new rule in place,,there is now a 10 fish per day
    after some people r killing the sport for others members and all,anyone found
    breaking this rule will come up infront of the committee and most prob end up losing
    license!!thanks all,,from the committee

  23. Hi all,,must say cracking wkend up the res for all members and day ticket anglers
    people been catching very well 37 members fishing and a rod average of 6.4 per person,,best flies black lures and olive and buzzers,,Must say we had a new day ticket angler up this week,from the welsh team! Keith cadogan which landed 14 fish in 2 visits was well impressed with nant moel he is now going 2 buy a season ticket in morning so thanks keith cadogan!! and hope more people will come along and join in the fun with the club,,thanks christian

    • Great fishing. 14 fish over both days and only fished a max of 3 hours per day. Just what any angler wants for a few hours fishing. Great welcome to the club by the members I spoke to on the bank and very helpfull.
      Some really good fighting fish and a couple of over winter bars of silver.

      • Great day there today,,despite the bright sun,cdc emerger on top accounted for most fish plus 3 on a unweighted hares ear nymph three off us fishing,resulting in 27 fish in the moving all day,black and natural cdc colours best,takes were savage,and although biggest fish went to about 2.5lbs ,fight and condition was second to none
        and resulting in many smashed takes.

  24. i was just wondering if i am allowed to take my 6 yr old grandson up the res to introduce him to the wonders of fly fishing it would be nice to start him on his way to being the next generation fisher man many thanks for any information you can provide

    • Thurs fished well,10 fish 9.30/1.45 mostly to drys cdc on seems to be coming back like it use to by 3 years ago,for surface fishing,as 2012/2013 the dry fly sport weren’t like the year I first jointed,2011.fished also Sunday 9 th June,8 fish in net,missed loads on cdc s yellow owls,size 16, but if the ripple gets to mini waves go up to a 14,and they will take this size as good.had a few fish/ misses on a apps blood worm too.just remember if u don’t see them rising I don’t mean u won’t catch on the surface,,,they will come up for your fly.i can say the last 3 visits there 90% of fish caught were on the surface.

      • Unfortunately things have changed,due to the weather being warm,bright sun.the surface action has be non existent some days,but sporadic rises buy the “w” on very close in and chasing the blue damsels…and there were brownies jumping clean out of the water to take the hovering blue damsels in mid air .,!.
        Water level remain high so far.only 2 fish/ 4 hrs,and poss only missed 2 other takes…one on a damsel with orange tunsten head/ intermedate and other on a cdc yellow owl off the prep aired to go down,fast intermedate/ di3 if no fish are moving.

  25. Hi all just 2 let everyone know half season ticket will be on sale from
    1st August price of 60pounds last until 1st feb any information please phone me on 07883094434 anytime after 4pm mon-fri wkends anytime thanks

  26. well i did my first session in the boat today had 3 fish in 3 1/2 hrs and missed a few takes. i can say it was a the most fun i have had fishing nant moel res this season so far went home a very happy chap to the point that i am planing next season

  27. can any one tell me what the minimum age is for a Junior member
    as i was looking into the family ticket for next season i am looking to get my grandson into fly fishing many thanks

    • i fished if friday morning had 2 lost a nice one in the top bay
      been fishing it at least twice a week but only from the boat for the last few weeks been doing ok fish have been hiding in the middle of the lake and very deep down

    • Very disappointing morning,,great conditions,overcast wind a tad strong but that’s nothing new at nant moel,only seen 1 fish move,and had one take/ one fish in 3.5 hrs fishing,and my son blanked even on a sinking line.water nice a cold.

  28. Fished this the weekend, the bankings were overgrown and not maintained, every one there kept get tangled and loosing flies.not much action the pond, think only one chap caught a small trout., and the guy who was checking the tickets had an attitude about him, even the other people that came up to us and said that about him

  29. CLUB AGM 2014. Monday November 24th 2014, 7pm Cwmdare Social Club, CF44 8RB.
    Could all members please make every effort to attend. There are subjects to be voted on and ideas to be discussed as we continue to take this fantastic club forward. Also any potential new members / officers for next season are welcome. Any queries you can email myself on , kind regards Rhys Llewellyn, Club Vice Chairman.

  30. Hi all a happy new year to you all. one or two updates for those who did not attend the AGM.

    New elected secretary – Mr R Llewellyn, new elected chairman – Mr M Williams, new elected V chairman – Mr J Williams.

    New Permit outlet – Gareth Rees newsagents, Aberdare town centre. Open 7 days a week, 6am to 10:00pm. Cwmdare post office also remains.

    Final meeting before season start. Mon 19/1/2015. See home page. Members new and old welcome. Make an effort to attend.

    Thanks for for your support in what was a successful season in 2014/2015 as it draws to a close. We look forward to seeing you in March. Tight lines, Rhys 🙂

  31. well looking forward to renewing my season ticket this year as i had a a wonderful time this season on a great res with a good bunch of members tight lines everyone

  32. Thanks Terry always good to have. feedback. Glad your enjoyed!

    Licenses are on sale from tomorrow also now at Gareth Rees and cwmdare post office.

    We are having a clean up day at nant Moel reservoir sat 21st Feb . If anyone is free come along and help loo after YOUR 10am in car park. Hopefully jsee you all soon, Rhys

  33. Hi all members new and old. The 2015/2016 season starts tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you all. The lake is ‘ready’.

    Thanks to all the members who helped this morning and last Saturday with the cleaning/litter picking/grass cutting.

    Anyone considering joining if you would like to ask any questions contact me by email on with your number and I will be happy to talk. Regards, Rhys, club secretary

  34. A successful opening weekend at nant Moel, great to see some members returning to the club after a few years away. Fish were taken on flies that included olive / black lures. Also lots taken on buzzers. One peice of advice to members, if your not having bites, move around. I saw 1/2 people blank (out of over 30) who did not move. Do not underestimate the top end of the reservoir. Tight lines all

  35. CLUB COMPETITION. Sunday March 15th. 10:00am to 14:00pm. Members only, (no day tickets). £5 entry, cash prize for winner.
    Heaviest 2 fish will win. Meet 9:30am prompt at the car park. More the merrier! Regards, Rhys

    • Gents, apologies the club competition has now been re-scheduled for Saturday April 4th, 10am – 2:00pm. Heaviest 2 fish wins. Meet 9:30 in car park. Thanks Rhys

    • Hi Paul,

      Sorry I’m only now seeing this message. You can purchase day tickets on the day you wish to fish. Either from Gareth Rees newsagents (open 7 days a week) or cwmdare post office. Did you go up after? If so how did you do? Rhys, Secretary

  36. hi Rhys i didn’t manage to get up the rez but i am looking forward to doing a spot of fishing in the near future

    • Hi Paul, no problem. The wind has put end to any hopes of fishing until it eases on Thurdsday.

      It’s fair to say it’s been a very successful start to the season Paul, many new members too. Get up when you can. Don’t forget you can buy your permit at Gareth rees I newsagents Aberdare. Rhys

  37. Hi all just a rule reminder:

    Those wishing to kill fish or kill fish then catch and release must kill their FIRST FISH caught regardless of size or condition. However fishing must cease for the day when 2 fish have been killed.

    I realise I may not have covered this when printing the rules which should have been given when purchasing your licence. Apologies. Rhys


    Club competition Saturday April 4th 10am till 2pm. Meet 9:30am in the car park. Full permit holders only. £5 entry. Regards, Rhys

  39. Well done to Matthew penny winning the club competition held on Saturday 4/4/15. His heaviest 2 fish weighed in at 5 lb 15oz. Including a 4lb cracker. He took home the cash prize.

    Fishing was tough at times due to the bright sunshine but everyone had fish and enjoyed themselves.

    Successful patterns on the day were Pheasant tail nympth, hares ear, various buzzers, squirmy worm.

    More competitions will be held, possibly in May/June next. It’s a way of everyone getting to know each other. Updates to follow.

  40. **IMPORTANT**
    Cwmdare post office closes it’s doors tomorrow Saturday 11th April 2015 after many years loyal service to this angling club. The committee past and present would like to thank Julie for all she has done to make this club succeed. We wish you all the best. Many thanks from us all! Rhys

    Members, please circulate. Permits are available at Gareth Rees newsagents canon street, Aberdare – 7 days a week, 6am till 10pm. Thanks

  41. CLUB COMPETITION – Sunday 10th May 10:00am to 14:00. £5 to enter

    Heaviest 2 fish at weight in wins, first fish must be killed. Although fishing must cease once 2 have been killed. Basically normal rules! FULL MEMBERS ONLY.

    Anglers of all abilities welcome, anyone can win!! It’s a good social event for people to meet the committee and other members also. Spread the word. Thanks

    • Hi Matthew. Think I missed this post. Did you ever get up Nant Moel to fish? To answer your question you can purchase a day ticket if you don’t want to buy an annual permit

  42. Hi all. I hope everybody is enjoying the season so far. The word on the bank is that everyone is! We have seen record numbers of annual permits sold this season along with day permits which has enabled us to invest more money into the club. If you are considering joining the club contact myself by email or leave a comment on here. Or consider buying a day ticket.

    From 1st July 2015 we will have half season tickets on sale at a price of £70 – which will be valid until 31/01/2016. On sale at Gareth Rees newsagents, Aberdare town centre.

  43. It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I better keep things up to date….
    Summer as often is with trout fishing has been challenging but also rewarding for those anglers willing to search their fly boxes to ‘match the hatch’ and also move around Nant Moel reservoir in search.
    Popular flies have been CDC black hoppers, small ant / gnat patterns, CDC yellow owl, various beetle patterns and more.
    The water levels have remained high, dropping no more than 10 feet all summer.
    There has been an abundance of fly life and fish rising most days.
    We now approach daddy long legs season, which again often entertains anglers at Nant Moel, sometimes with a small twitch across the ripple resulting in ferocious takes!
    Membership numbers again are up year on year for the 2nd year running. If your looking for a new challenge or somewhere different to try why not give this hidden gem of a place a try. Regards, Secretary, Rhys

  44. Hi all please note the important dates below:

    Club meeting, Monday October 27th, 7pm, Cwmdare Social Club. All welcome. Anything that you would like to discuss at the AGM needs to be brought up at this meeting.

    AGM Annual General Meeting. Monday November 30th, 7pm at Cwmdare social club. All welcome more the merrier.

    Regards, Club Secretary – Mr R Llewellyn

    • Hi Andrew,sorry for slow reply mate,the next fishing comp will be in march and one a month afterwards,yeah all new members will be more than welcome,we have the agm meeting on 30th november please come along if can make it 7pm, Cwmdare Social Club ,thanks christian the treasurer

    • Hi Andrew, apologies for the delay. We are nearing the end of the 2015 season now. But we will be holding competitions every other month starting from March 2016. Exact dates to be announced early 2016.

      Licences are available from Gareth Rees newsagents, Aberdare or we will be holding a registration night in February 2016 where potential members can join.

      If you have any other questions you can email me on hope this answers your query. Rhys, Secretary

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