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Hi all.

i thought I would start a new forum for 2016 as the last one was getting a bit long.

Thanks for the support during the 15/16 season. Membership numbers and day tickets numbers were up year on year for the third season running. This shows the hard work that the committee and bailiffs put in. Along with our ever growing community of dedicated members. Hope to see you all soon!


The 2018/19 season will commence on Saturday 3rd March 2018. Permits available at the outlets early Feb 2018. Hirwaun Post office and Debs newsagents, Hirwaun. Annual permits remain the same price, day permits have been increased to £16.

The 2016/17 season will commence on Saturday 27/2/2016.Tickets will be on sale from 1/2/16.

Hirwaun post office will be selling licences and day permits this season. Gareth Rees newsagents will no longer be selling permits for us.

Membership evenings will be held on Mon 8/2/16 and Mon 22/2/16 at 7pm Cwmdare social club for anyone wishing to purchase their permits. If any potential new members have any questions the secretary will be present.

Ticket prices to remain the same as last season.

Mr P Belt, Mr K Hill and Mr D Thomas voted onto the committee as of 30/11/15. They are paying committee members and will assist the 4 other committee members if / when necessary.

As always any questions do not hesitate to contact me via email


16 thoughts on “Forum – new 2016/2017 season

  1. Hope everyone is looking forward to the new season. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. We have had a good take up on permits already. Don’t forget Hirwaun post office for your permits….Rhys 20/2/16

  2. Hi, I’m considering joining your club, looks like a well run reservoir/club, the boat fishing appeals to me , how many boats do you have ? And would it be worth me joining this late in the season ? Cheers

    • Hi Paul. Thanks. It is a well run club, but then I’m biased. We are friendly and have a laugh too. We have two rowing boats for full members only. We do plan to acquire more in the near future.
      It depends how much time you have. If you are only planning to fish weekends I’d say use day tickets. If you plan to get a few midweek days in it may be worth getting a £70 half season. The fishing becomes tough mid November on. Regards Rhys

        • Paul there are some directions on the ‘about us’ section of this website. But in a nut shell head for ‘llwydcoed crematorium’
          There is a left hand turning just before the crem/houses if you are coming from the Hirwaun direction or right hand turning just after the crem/houses. Our res is the second reservoir. You can park your car outside the gate but purchasing a key for £10 is recommended. Look forward to seeing you up there

  3. The 2017 – 2018 season will start on 4th March 2017 and end 31st Jan 2018.

    There have been a few rule amendments so please see the ‘about us’ page for a full list.

    The club has received funding for a shelter/container for members to use for coffee making facilities or for sheltering from the elements.

    If any potential new members have any questions do not hesitate to email (all committee members have access to this)

  4. Fished here today for the first time in 16 years. Had an awesome day. 13 caught and all released bar 1 for my tea. Biggest was just shy of 3lb. Trying to convince the wife to get me a season ticket now.

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